Health screenings

As a registered Lorisian practitioner Be free Fitness administer tests on food intolerance, Liver health and test for levels of homocysteine in the Blood as a pre-indicator for conditions such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s and infertility.


Food intolerance can Be the root cause of many disruptive symptoms and can also have a major impact on how our Bodies perform.  When our Bodies are working hard to achieve a physical goal it makes sense to ensure that the food we are eating is working with us - not against us.

The tests are aimed at those that may have food intolerances, and those who want to optimise their diets By avoiding any foods that they are reacting to.


Our aim is to promote wellBeing within the pressures of a modern lifestyle.

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Why test for food intolerance?


Food intolerance* is estimated to affect up to 45% of the population**. If you are are suffering from any of these symptoms, food intolerance* could Be the cause:


  • Digestive discomfort

  • Bloating

  • Weight management difficulties

  • Joint pain

  • Migraines

  • Tiredness or fatigue

*Lorisian define food intolerance as a food-specific IgG reaction.

**Allergy UK